Welcome to Jammu and Kashmir shake hands with happiness, peace and enlightenment Namaste - Assalam-U- Alikum- Jooley- Sat Sari Akal

At TASK, we follow the Himalayan code of conduct Protect the Natural Environment Avoid using plastic bags. Keep hill resorts pollution free. Respect local traditions, protect local culture.

Task Society

Our Vision


Major efforts are to be made to enhance the Tourism Industry in Jammu and Kashmir State.


All the members are to be involved in the Association activities and are to be approached for assistance from time to time.

Strong Communication

Need to have strong communication with the Tourism Ministry and Department of Tourism in the State and in Centre.

Model Association

Put all efforts to make the TASK as a model Association and give a lot of value to members .


Member base is to be increased at all level.


Association and Administration should be made stronger.

Grievance Cell

A grievance cell should be created to provide the facility to members for lodging their complaints .

Strict Action

Association will be taking strict action against all defaulters.


We take this opportunity to release TASK Manual with full descriptions of three regions i.e: Jammu/ Kashmir & Ladakh .

We're not the only ones excited happy about TASK...

We have over 71 Active Members and over 29 Allied Members...